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When our students see, hear, or interact with other students about something that concerns them, it’s important to report it to a trusted adult. These adults could be teachers, school staff members, principals, police officers, or you, their family. 

Courage2ReportMO is a resource to make schools safer by helping school districts and law enforcement learn about school violence as soon as possible. Courage2ReportMO takes CONFIDENTIAL reports involving any public or private school in Missouri with students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.


What should be reported?

Any threat to life that happens on school property or the school bus should be reported to C2R. This may include:

  • Assault - Physical
  • Sexual Offense
  • Weapons
  • Human Trafficking
  • Planned School Attack
  • School Shooting
  • Planned Suicide
  • Terrorism Threat-Extremism

Who can report it?

We encourage anyone who learns about school violence to report it. Reports are accepted from:

  • Parents
  • School personnel
  • Students
  • Concerned citizens
  • Confidential reporters


When visiting our schools, please follow our visitor procedures:

  • Stand in front of the camera when you buzz, and we will ask you how we can help you.
  • When you come in, please come directly to the office, sign in and grab a visitors tag.
  • All guests at  school will sign in and out in the office, and wear a visitors tag. No adults should be in the hallway without a badge or a visitors tag.
  • If you are walking your child into the building, please remember we are trying to build independence in our learners. Please leave promptly and respect our instructional time. Also, if you are dropping off late, please allow your student to walk independently to class after signing in.
  • If we don’t know someone who is requesting to pick up a student, we will ask for identification. When you are buzzed in, please do not hold the door for others. ​We know this can be uncomfortable but reassure the person entering behind you that these are our safety procedure.


Our schools hold regularly-scheduled safety drills throughout the school year to assist in preparation in case of an emergency.

In all cases our intention is never to frighten, but instead to stress the importance of preparation IF a situation occurs. In these situations, we clearly communicate that we are doing a drill. In some scenarios, we include practicing how to evacuate the building quickly and safely and in others we discuss scenarios when we might remain in the building and why. 

Intruder Drills:  Intruder drills are scheduled four times a year. In partnership with the Kirkwood Police Department, our procedures include A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). Staff and students are trained in different options for responding to a school intruder who is intent on doing harm. In certain circumstances, the “lock the door and hide” strategy might be appropriate. In some cases, the teacher and students might take precautions to barricade the entrance(s) of the classroom. Under certain conditions, it might be the best decision for the teacher and students to evacuate the building.

Fire Drills: Fire drills typically take place once a month in our schools. Students and staff evacuate the building. At times, we include variations and spontaneity such as closed/locked doors that may require alternate evacuation routes.   

Severe Weather: Drills are held twice a year. Students practice appropriate actions in case of severe weather such as high winds or a tornado. This includes practicing getting to sheltering plans and ensuring readiness in case of a severe weather emergency.     

Earthquake: Drills are held twice a year. All teachers and students receive information on how to perform Drop, Cover, and Hold On – a quake-safe action designed to protect lives and prevent injuries from falling furniture and flying objects that can become projectiles during ground shaking. Teachers and students will then evacuate the building. 


During an incident, we work to communicate in a way that prioritizes the safety of our students and staff. In today’s digital age, information can travel fast. Our commitment is to ensure we provide accurate information as quickly as possible while protecting the privacy of individuals and ensuring the integrity of the investigative work going on.    

Tools we use to communicate: 

  • Email: Families and high school students may receive an email with information about incidents. Please note that, due to privacy requirements, ongoing investigations and other factors, we cannot always provide all the details of a specific incident. We work to give families notice and address misinformation. 

  • Phone or text: Families may receive a phone call or text message (using our Blackboard/robocall system). The successful delivery of this phone call is dependent on there being accurate contact information for each student.

  • Website: Urgent notifications and updates affecting school operations may be posted on the Kirkwood School District website, District Facebook page and tweeted on the District's twitter handle which is @kwoodschools.