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Services for Gifted Students

The Kirkwood School District ​defines giftedness through multiple categories of superior demonstrated performance using standardized norm referenced assessments, creativity tests and high frequency of gifted behaviors/characteristics beyond what is done universally at each grade level. Recognizing that giftedness exists in all cultures and socio-economic levels and the potential bias of gifted identification systems and assessments, all students participate in a universal screening process during their second-grade year. Students who are new to the District are considered for further testing for inclusion in the District Gifted Program serving Grades 2-12. Testing for gifted services is also available, upon request, for students participating in non-public educational settings.

Recognizing the learning and developmental differences of gifted students promotes their ongoing self-understanding, awareness of needs and cognitive and affective growth. Within the classroom, information from multiple types of assessments informs decisions about curriculum content, instructional strategies and resources that support the learning progress of gifted students. Additional opportunities to learn might include weekly pull out classes and elective courses with a gifted specialist. Gifted students may have asynchronous (out of sync) intellectual, emotional and physical development, appearing to be different ages in differing situations and possessing a gap between intellectual development and the ability to express and use that intellect.