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Kirkwood Key Contributor Award


In 2023, KSD launched the "Kirkwood Key Contributor" recognition program. The program is designed to highlight the work support staff members provide to KSD schools, students, and the community. Over 250 nominations were submitted. Of those nominations, 10 support staff members, who support our schools, buildings, teachers, and students in specific ways, were selected and notified via surprise announcement celebrations. The 2023-24 winners are:


Katharine Wager
Katharine Wager was announced as our Key Contributor for Classroom, Teacher, and Student Support for our secondary-level students. She is a teaching assistant at North Kirkwood Middle School. Katharine is hard-working, thoughtful, and kind. She is a team player and works well with the teachers to support their classroom needs. She goes above and beyond in her role and takes great pride in her work. She clearly loves kids, and we are so thankful for everything she does to support our North Team! Thanks for all your do, Katharine!
Kyna McCoy
Kyna McCoy was announced as our Key Contributor for Physical, Mental, Social, and Emotional Support for our Kirkwood kids. Kyna is a Special School District of St. Louis County paraeducator at North Kirkwood Middle School and Kyna has such a positive, calming presence in a classroom. She assists students emotionally so that they have independence and can participate in the lesson. She is patient, kind and cheerful. She shows true patience and love for all the students she supports. Thanks for all you do, Kyna!
Kara Wall
Kara Wall was announced as our Key Contributor for School and Building Support for our middle/high schools. Ms. Wall is the data and scheduling specialist at KHS. The KHS team appreciates her knowledge of processes and procedures to create the master schedule every year. She works tirelessly to make sure students are able to take the classes they want. She problem solves, answers questions, plans ahead, and generously gives her time to share her knowledge. Her supportive behind-the-scenes work is a strong foundation that all KHS stands upon. Thank you for all you do, Kara!
Phillip Norman
Phillip Norman was announced as our Key Contributor for substitute supports for Kirkwood schools. He is a full time substitute at Kirkwood High School, of where is also an alumnus. Our KHS team appreciates his flexibility and positivity in the midst of a constantly changing schedule. His desire to achieve excellence shows everyday. His work supporting our teachers, staff, and students is truly admirable. He goes above and beyond for our KHS team. Thanks for all you do, Phillip!
Kathy George
Kathy George was announced as our Key Contributor for Classroom, Teacher, and Student Supports for our youngest learners in Kirkwood schools. She is our Library Media Assistant at Keysor Elementary. She nurtures and cares for every student she encounters. Her bulletin boards, paper hats and costumes, author welcome signs, large box constructions, felted creatures and a myriad of other artistic talents help to make our library a wonderful place to be. Thank you for all you do to make reading and learning fun for our Keysor kids.