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Reimagining School

A Short Intro to the Studio School - TEDGlobal 2011: Geoff Mulgan
Mulgan, G. (2011, July). A short intro to the Studio School.

Build a School in the Cloud - TED2013: Sugata Mitra
Mitra, S. (2013, February). Build a school in the cloud.

Do Schools Kill Creativity? - TED2006: Sir Ken Robinson
Robinson, K. (2006, February). Do schools kill creativity?

Kids, Take Charge - TEDIndia 2009: Kiran Sethi
Sethi, K. (2009, November). Kids, take charge.

Learning From a Barefoot Movement - TEDGlobal 2011: Roy Bunker
Roy, B. (2011, July). Learning from a barefoot movement.

Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education - TED2011: Sal Khan
Khan, S. (2011, March). Let's use video to reinvent education.

My Wish: Once Upon a School - TED2008: Dave Eggers
Eggers, D. (2008, February). My wish: Once upon a school.

Teaching One Child at a Time - TEDIndia 2009: Shukla Bose
Bose, S. (2009, November). Teaching one child at a time.

The Best Kindergarten You Have Ever Seen - TEDxKyoto: Tekaharu Tezuka
Tezuka, T. (2014, September). The best kindergarten you've ever seen.

What We Are Learning From Online Education - TEDGlobal 2012: Daphne Koller
Koller, D. (2012, June). What we're learning from online education.