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Professional Learning Library

Professional Learning Library
Use the links on this page to access professional learning resources for teachers and administrators.

Standard 1: Professionalism and Contributing to a Positive Culture

Indicator 1.1 Collaboration and Collegiality

Indicator 1.2 Self Assessment and Reflective Practice

Indicator 1.3 Professional Learning

Indicator 1.4 Professional Responsibilities and Ethical Practices

Indicator 1.5 Professional and Effective Oral and Written Language

Indicator 1.6 Communication: Student Progress and Maintaining Records

Standard 2: Effective Environment for Learning

Indicator 2.1 Positive Relationships and Classroom Community

Indicator 2.2 Classroom Management

Indicator 2.3 Educational Equity

Indicator 2.4 Self Efficacy

Standard 3: Curricular Knowledge and Instruction for Student Learning

Indicator 3.1 Content Knowledge and Academic Language

Indicator 3.2 Instructional Design

Indicator 3.3 Instructional Delivery

Indicator 3.4 Instructional Differentiation

Indicator 3.5 Student Engagement

Indicator 3.6 Literacy Integration

Indicator 3.7 Technology Integration

Indicator 3.8 Meta-Cognitive, Critical and Creative Thinking

Standard 4: Student Assessment and Data Analysis

Indicator 4.1 High Quality Assessments

Indicator 4.2 Clear, Specific, and Timely Feedback