After School Activities Calendar

Beginning September 13th, NKMS will hold staff-sponsored activites after school. All activities run every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only from 3:10 PM-4:00 PM.  

All students wishing to stay for an activity will report to the cafeteria by 3:05.  Sponsors will meet students there and walk them to the activity after ensuring all students have a valid green card signed by a teacher.  

At 4:00, sponsors will walk their entire group back to the cafeteria where bus riders will sign up for their ride and take a seat until it arrives.  Bus transportation is available to anyone who qualifies for a bus. Walkers, bike riders and those being picked up by parents are free to leave at 4:00.

The KSD Activity Fee is $20 per student/ $40 maximum and can be paid through My School Bucks.

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