January 17, 2021 - Parent Newsletter

A great week of conferences

Hello everyone-

We had a great week of parent-teacher conferences. It was wonderful to see how excited students were to share their projects and progress with families. Thank you for sharing feedback with staff on how the year has been going and things that you are noticing about your child. I heard many positive conversations about the growth that students have made this year. I also heard many concerns regarding children's lack of progress and that they are behind. We know that many students are behind from benchmark levels that we would see in a typical year. We have many additional strategies in place to support student growth and monitor their progress along the way.

We are working hard as a school community to meet every student where they are. We are so thankful to families for their support and partnership to help move students forward. We have classroom teachers, teacher assistants, interventionists, counselors, special education teachers, and administrators all working together to analyze data, identify next steps, and implement supports. I am so grateful for everyone's hard work, positivity, and flexibility as we work together to help every child succeed.

Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or if we can provide support in any way. Thank you for your partnership in keeping the Robinson community safe.

Take Care-


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