Independent Assessment and Investigation of Culture and Climate

The final, independent report by Encompass Resolution, “Independent Assessment and Investigation of Culture and Climate” was presented to the School Board at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 28, 2021. This is the second report presented by the independent firm, which was selected during a request for proposal process.
The Kirkwood School District fully cooperated with Encompass Resolution as they worked to 1) identify and investigate whether there have been previously unreported incidents or failures to take prompt and appropriate action in response to complaints of sexual abuse, misconduct, and inappropriate behavior, 2) determine whether students, staff and parents have confidence in reporting and know to whom and how they may do so; 3) determine whether there has been appropriate follow‐through in terms of consequences and supports when complaints are substantiated, and 4) equally important, to identify, conduct training on, and help implement strategies to promote a positive school climate and culture.
After receiving the full report for the first time during the school Board meeting, School Board President Jean Marie Andrews released the following statement:
“While what we heard tonight is difficult and disappointing, I, along with the board and Dr. Ulrich, want to assure the survivors, our students, staff, families, community and alumni that we take this report very seriously. It is our expectation that Dr. Ulrich works with his team to implement all of the recommendations that Encompass Resolution made here tonight. It is my hope that tonight begins a healing process and a new chapter in changing our culture and providing students with resources so they are empowered to report any behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable. Schools should be a safe place for every student.” 
Superintendent Ulrich released the following statement:
“In the coming days, we will analyze the report in detail and work to ensure all recommendations are promptly implemented. Additional investigations into allegations will be conducted, where appropriate. Through this process, we are beginning to rebuild the trust our students need and our families and community deserve.”
The District sent an email to staff and families this evening encouraging them to report any concerns to one of the District’s Title IX coordinators.
The final report by Encompass Resolution is available on the KSD website. The external website link is:
KSD has developed an FAQ page on our website. We will update this FAQ page, as additional questions are asked. The external website link is: