Your Courses, their Materials & continued Access

Posted by Nick Strecker on 1/2/2019


It's the end of our first semester with Schoology.  Here are some handy resources to help provide information to be aware of and answer potential questions about end of course actions in our LMS.  For all of KSD this is essential info for the end of the school year to come, but for colleagues at KHS, as well as many at Nipher and NKMS, this is timely now for classes ending and beginning anew in Infinite Campus for second semester.
👉  Revisiting essential information from our Schoology Foundations PD this past year- here is a link to my slide with handy graphics on how to Reuse Course Materials.  
👍 By default, Schoology archives all courses after the grading period end date; however Archived Courses do not expire and can be accessed indefinitely.  Additionally in KSD, we have extended the ability for all instructors to Access Archived Courses.  
👊You can Save an entire Course &/or specific folder, files, assessments or any other materials you've created to your Resources at any time.  The end of school year/semester is typical, but consider doing it throughout the year as you plan for future classes as well as providing the means to Share Resources with your teammates and department.