Three Productivity Tips for your MacBook

Posted by Nick Strecker on 12/18/2018

These final days of the semester heading into a winter break are a great opportunity to share three tips that I put to use on a daily basis helping me work more efficiently and productively.
The first two make use of gesture shortcuts on your laptop's trackpad OR via a Bluetooth-connected Magic Trackpad.  You can access those settings via System Preferences.
  • Mission Control allows you to create virtual desktops that you can allocate application windows to and move between easily in multiple ways.  (It's also very handy to use in coordination with Extended Desktop if your MacBook is connected to your classroom display).
  • App Exposé, Launchpad and other additional gestures allow you to more easily work with multiple applications open.
  • Finally, Kiwi for Gmail is a free third-party app now available in the staff laptop App Portal that provides you quick access to all of your Google Apps from your Gmail window while also offering additional settings option for Gmail not readily available via the standard Google Mail interface.