Creating Assignments & Grading Submissions

Posted by Nick Strecker on 9/12/2018

With the first of many assignments to come now receiving student submissions here are a few touchstones for navigating this end of Schoology successfully.
👉When creating assignments remember that while you cannot select a release date in Schoology you can choose whether to Lock (prevent submissions), Publish (show/hide from student/parent view), Disable Submissions (assignments that do not require a submission in Schoology, e.g. Read pp. 45-65 of Freak the Mighty) and/or Individually Assign (differentiate parameters for single or groups of Ss).  Additionally, consider not applying a Due Date for assignments that are open-ended and/or will receive many submissions over a course of time (e.g., weekly journal entries).
👍Speaking of multiple submissions, in order to see all submissions a student made for an assignment, first click on an assignment submission then look to the top L of the Document Viewer.  Below the S's name the current revision number displays; click on that revision and the other previous submissions will become available to view. 

👊Grading submissions is different on the web version and the iOS app, but each has its strengths.  Experience both and see which and when they are most helpful to your workflow and feedback style.  
NOTE: Schoology only offers annotation tools in the Document Viewer for .pdfs and .docx., but don't let that dissuade you from allowing students to submit work in any of the essential apps or other resources that provide the optimal tool for their learning.  Rather than "flattening out" student work, open and view those original file types on your MacBook/iPad and then return to Schoology to add your comments, grade and/or a file upload of your own for feedback.  This is a golden opportunity to dive deep into the diverse apps supported in our 1:1!