Differentiating Instruction with Grading Groups

Posted by Nick Strecker on 9/18/2018

By using Grading Groups, teachers can place students into distinct groups within the same Course and/or Section.  Differentiate group work, projects, special needs or adjusted instructions by associating specific students to specific work.
👉Use Grading Groups to assign Assessments, Assignments and Discussions to specific groups of students .
👍In future days when the Schoology gradebook is formally set, you can Filter your Gradebook by these same groups. 

👊Think about creating Grading Groups that match other group distinctions you use in class to help provide entry points to put the concept to use in Schoology.  Remember, the Grading Group name itself never has to change - just move the students in and out as needed.  (Just as we do in Apple Classroom groups : )