Updating Apps & Checking Current Versions

Posted by Nick Strecker on 11/5/2018

The Schoology app for iOS updated (v. 5.7.0) at the end of last week and should have made its way out to all connected iPads via FileWave this morning.
 👉To double-check that you are running this new version (v. 5.7.0) as well as confirm the current version of any app in use follow this Tap Path™: go to Settings >> General >> iPad Storage. Apps display in descending order of space they use on your device, find the app and tap on it, you will open a screen with app version, app size, etc.
👍The Schoology update addressed several issues that we had ongoing tickets/feature requests submitted for with their engineering team.  Revisit any issues that you have experienced in the past and let us know if those still persist for you.  We'll be clearing several tickets by week's end from our end.

Look for First Semester Schoology Summits coming up in district over these remaining weeks.  We will offer an after school session at Hough for each building level to come together and share best practice, seek resolution to issues experienced and explore previously untapped features.