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KSD Band and Orchestra Students Compete at St. Louis Suburban District

The KSD band program had an amazing week with MSHSAA high school band and MMEA St. Louis Suburban District #5 middle school band contest performances.  Four of the KSD Bands received the highest possible ratings from all judges.  Thank you to the KHS staff and administration for hosting the MSHSAA Large Ensemble Festival on Thursday, March 7th.  This is a great service to music education and the KSD band program.


In addition, KHS Band had 16 solos and 10 chamber ensembles earning state-qualifying exemplary ratings. The exemplary rating solos and chamber ensembles will perform at the MSHSAA state solo and ensemble festival on Friday, April 26th.

On Saturday, March 9, KHS band and orchestra students performed for judges at St. Louis Solo & Ensemble Festival, held at Parkway Central High School. KHS Orchestra had 4 solos and 11 chamber ensembles, earning state-qualifying exemplary ratings. They are also eligible to perform at the state solo & ensemble festival on April 26.

Students earning recognition at both festivals are:

SOLO AND ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL - BAND EXEMPLARY PERFORMANCE Trombone Solo - Althea Althauser Trumpet Solo - Rudy Waterson Percussion Ensemble - Will Colebar, Henrique Gomes, Brayden Mangers, Liam Rubin, Kara Schanz, Declan Wojtow Trumpet Solo - Thomas Vandagriff Mallet Solo - Lawrence Ringwald Mallet Solo - Henry Blaine Trombone Quartet - Jack Gibson, Evan Pazero, Robbie Winter, Althea Althauser  Bassoon Solo - Connor McManamon Percussion Ensemble - Jackson Moylan, Bennett Harman, Xander Pozzo, Ryan Talir Bassoon Solo - Emily Royalty Bassoon Solo - Elizabeth Myers Flute Solo - Katie Whittaker Soprano Saxophone Solo - Tim Schiller Tenor Saxophone Solo - Cole Hathaway Alto Saxophone Solo - Lauren Gibson Tenor Saxophone Solo - Carl Davidson Bass Clarinet Solo - Beckett Whitworth Clarinet Solo - Beckett Whitworth Bassoon Quartet - Elizabeth Myers, Tyler Blicharz, Connor McManamon, Emily Royalty Mixed Woodwind Trio - Emery Bowman, Katie Whittaker, Clara Banks Saxophone Trio - Keegan Greenwood, Ethan Parker, Tim Schiller Saxophone Trio - Carl Davidson, Lauren Gibson, Trip Nieman Mixed Woodwind Trio - Elizabeth Myers, Beckett Whitworth, Sharon Wirth Clarinet Solo - Sharon Wirth Percussion Ensemble - Kai Sanford, Henry Blaine, Amelia Franke, Lawrence Ringwald, Meghan Glaser, Brendan Quigley, Shiloh Byers OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE Mallet Solo - Kara Schanz Bassoon Solo - Carolyn Vandagriff Basso0n Solo - Tyler Blicharz Flute Trio - Anna Huebner, Amelia Christopher, Maggie Cannon Alto Saxophone Solo - Shane Powers Flute Solo - Sarah Duncan Alto Saxophone Solo - Selma Dahms Flute Solo - Anna Huebner   Saxophone Sextet - Keegan Greenwood, Tim Schiller, Cole Hathaway, Carl Davidson, Lauren Gibson, Shane Powers Clarinet Solo - Claire Trask  Clarinet Quintet - Selma Dahms, Noah Keplinger, Clara Banks, Haley Brown, Joey Molitor Mixed Woodwind Quartet - Amelia Bartin, Helena Huber, Carolyn Vandagriff, Mallory Wirth Mixed Woodwind Quintet - Madison Schlarman, Jonah Bond, Gracie Laird, Emily Royalty, Claire Trask Clarinet Solo-  Matthew Figura SOLO AND ENSEMBLE - ORCHESTRA EXEMPLARY PERFORMANCE Violin Solo - Piper Schwake Violin Solo - Sarah Lichtenberg Violin Solo - Madeline Dickinson Violin Solo - Joci Ferkel String Duet - Maggie McKay, Daphne Wassel String Quartet - Simone Ayers, Genevieve Harris, Maggie McKay, Sophia Schaefer String Duet - William Chen, Carter Chen String Duet - Sadie Moore, Amaroq Reiss String Duet - Sarah Lichtenberg, Leyna Davis String Duet - Grace Peach-Righton, Carolyn Spohr String Duet - Lucas Chaney, Felix Dickinson String Trio - Audrey Nance, Emma Warren, Brienne Yu String Duet - Penelope Keplinger, Madeleine Stoner String Trio - Noah Mariscal, David Miller, Joaquin Saldana String Duet - Peyton Londe, August Soell OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE Violin Solo - Olivia Newsham Violin Solo - Maggie McKay Viola Solo - Noah Mariscal Violin Solo - Madeleine Stoner Violin Solo - Carter Chen Violin Solo - Simone Ayers Violin Solo - Sophia Schaefer Cello Solo - Taija Robison Violin Solo - Nathan Bauer Violin Solo - Coyle Mosley Cello Solo - Joaquin Saldana Cello Solo - Amaroq Reiss Cello Solo - Eleanor Weststrate Violin Solo - Agnes Smith Cello Solo - William Chen Violin Solo - Grace Muchnick String Trio - Joci Ferkel, Olivia Newsham, Molly Romano Cello Solo - Peyton Londe String Duet - Angelina Casey, Avery Taylor String Duet - Gwyneth Fox, Ruby Kirkland