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Kirkwood Kids Finish Strong in Equations Open Competition

Kirkwood kids recently competed in the 2024 University City Equations Open on February 3 at Jackson Park Elementary School. The event is coordinated by the Gifted Resource Council’s Academic Challenge Cup. There were 26 teams, comprised of students from across St. Louis area. The Keysor 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams swept their grade level competitions. The North Kirkwood Middle School 6th grade teams finished 2nd and 3rd and the 8th grade team finished 1st at the middle school level. In addition, several students also placed for individual awards.


Congratulations to the following teams and students:


The Keysor 3rd grade team (Screaming Goats) includes: Avery Hill, Noah Kronberg, Miles Presnall, Harry Tsacoumangos, and Marty Zagora. For the individual competition, Avery Hill took 1st place, and Harry Tsacoumangos took 2nd place.


The Keysor 4th Grade Equations Team (Donuts) includes: Toby Aholt, Oliver Heater, Sean Petron, Owen Wilhelm, and Charlie Wonsidler. Toby Aholt also placed first individually, and Oliver Heater and Owen Wilhelm tied for third place.


The Keysor 5th grade team (Eastern Mayo Republic) includes: Lincoln Hamlin, Sam Muchnick, Johnny Tsacoumangos, and Teddy Zagora. For the individual competition, Teddy Zagora took 1st place, Johnny Tsacoumangos finished 2nd, Lincoln Hamlin finished in 4th place, and Sam Muchnick took 5th place.


The North Kirkwood Middle School 6th Grade Equations Team winning second place includes: Coen Untereiner, Paul Wonsidler, Reichen Bechtel, Simon Aholt, and Stephen Dowell. Simon Aholt tied for second place individually, Coen Untereiner tied for third place individually, and Paul Wonsidler took first in the individual competition.


Jake Ernst, a solo member of another sixth grade team from North Kirkwood Middle School due to teammate absences, took third place in the team competition.


The North Kirkwood Middle School 8th Grade Equations Team taking first place includes: Andrew Bain, Sophie Bain, Jamie Zagora, Ray Pokoski, and Josephine Kim. Sophie Bain tied for second place individually, and Jamie Zagora tied for third place individually.