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Kirkwood School District Board of Education Recognizes Key Contributors

On September 11, the Kirkwood Board of Education acknowledged the Kirkwood School District (KSD) Key Contributors for 2023-24. The Key Contributor Award recognizes support staff colleagues who support our schools, administrators, teachers, fellow staff members, and students. The winners were nominated by colleagues and then chosen by the selection committee as the Key Contributor for their respective category.


Key Contributors


Pictured left to right:

Front row: Katharine Wager, Key Contributor for 6 to 12 grade Classroom, Teacher, and Student Supports (2022-23 Teacher Assistant at North Kirkwood Middle. 2023-24 Spanish teacher at North Kirkwood Middle); Brian Benben, Key Contributor for Adventure Club Supports (Adventure Club and Teacher Assistant at Westchester Elementary); Nikole Shurn, KSD BOE president; and Kathy George - Key Contributor for PreK through 5 Classroom, Teacher, and Student Supports (Library Media Assistant at Keysor Elementary).

Second row: Angie Bernardi, KSD BOE director; Judy Motika, KSD BOE secretary; and Jean Marie Andrews, KSD BOE director.

Back row: David Ulrich, KSD superintendent; Ben Caffey, KSD BOE director; Phillip Norman - Key Contributor for Substitute Supports (Substitute at Kirkwood High School); Mark Boyko, KSD BOE vice president; Shelley Armstrong - Key Contributor for Technology Supports (Technology Specialist at Robinson Elementary); and Kara Wall - Key Contributor for School and Building Supports (Data and Scheduling Specialist for Kirkwood High School).

Not pictured:

Kyna McCoy - Key Contributor for Physical, Mental, Social, and Emotional Supports (Paraeducator at North Kirkwood Middle School); Henrietta Williams - Key Contributor for Transportation Supports (Bus driver for Keysor Elementary); Barb Eilerman - Key Contributor for Food Service Supports (Food Service at Kirkwood Early Childhood Center); and Bryan Freeman - Key Contributor for Maintenance and Facility Supports (Custodian at Robinson Elementary).