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Kirkwood Board of Education Recognizes Teachers of the Year for 2023-24

On May 1, the Kirkwood Board of Education acknowledged the Kirkwood School District (KSD) Teachers of the Year for 2023-24. Each Kirkwood school selected a School Teacher of the Year from nomination forms submitted by faculty and staff in their individual schools. The KSD schools announced their teacher of the year in February. In March, Janet Mees Reinert was announced as the Kirkwood School District Teacher of the Year for 2023-24. Janet was selected through an interview process conducted by the Teacher of the Year selection committee.

The 2023-24 Kirkwood School Teachers of the Year are: 

KECC-Kayla Mahoney, Turtle Room Teacher

Keysor-Emily Flesch, SSD

North Glendale-Amanda Kempter, 5th grade

Robinson-Kristin Davis, Library Media Specialist

Tillman-Jamie Rose, SSD

Westchester-Beth Doht, 5th grade

Nipher-Christy White, Library Media Specialist

North Kirkwood Middle-Ann Brobbel, Language Arts

KHS and KSD Teacher of the Year-Janet Mees Reinert, Library Media Specialist


After each teacher was recognized, KSD superintendent Dr. David Ulrich along with the board members shared their congratulations and appreciation to the teachers of the year. “On behalf of the board of education and the KSD leadership team, congratulations,” said Ulrich.


“Congratulations! We are thankful for each and every one of you,” said KSD board president Nikole Shurn. “We appreciate your hard work and dedication to our schools and students. Sometimes education can be a thankless profession, so we are glad to have this opportunity to thank you for all you do!”

The 2023-24 Kirkwood School Teachers of the Year will be formally introduced to District staff at the opening day workshop in August 2023.


According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the major purpose of the Teacher of the Year program is to recognize the contributions of the classroom teacher. Teacher quality and effectiveness is the most important school-based factor that impacts student learning. No one person has a greater impact on the education of a child than the teacher who creates the learning environment where children flourish and grow. The mission of the Missouri Teacher of the Year Program is to honor, promote and celebrate excellence in the teaching profession