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Kirkwood High School Students Present at St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund Event On Suicide Prevention

Kirkwood High School students Audrey Blaine (senior) and Abigail (Abbey) Paul (junior presented during the Regional Youth Suicide Training Panel on September 10, 2021.The St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund, in partnership with partner agencies and St. Louis County School Districts sponsored a virtual training on Suicide Prevention for School-Age Youth. Morning breakout sessions included a youth panel facilitated by Dr. Ambers-Phillips (Kirkwood School District) and Dr. Terry Harris (Rockwood School District) with student panelist from both districts. Audrey and Abbey shared their insight on what they wanted educators to know about suicide prevention. There were approximately 80 attendees in the session who applauded the advocacy, transparency and informative session delivered by Audrey, Abbey and the Rockwood Student panelist.