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Over 300 Kirkwood School District Students Participate in Third Annual Unified Flag Football Event

On Wednesday, October 10, over 300 Kirkwood School District (KSD) students participated in the third annual Unified Night Lights (UNL) unified flag football event. The event recreates the excitement of a traditional football game and hundreds of students will come together in a unified flag football event. In a unified game, people with and without disabilities play together – side-by-side – shoulder-to-shoulder. The philosophy behind the event is that sports help provide a path to friendships and understanding and help break down barriers. The 300+ students comprised of Kirkwood High School (KHS) Varsity football players, cheerleaders, dance team members, musicians from the band and students, grades pre-K-12, with and without disabilities all partnering together for this event. Students stormed the field, cheered from the track, and played instruments from the pep band section in the bleachers.

“This event represents everybody and is an example of what our community can do when we come together, to support one another,” said Brandie Martine, a KSD parent and co-planner of the event.

 Prior to the event, the participants and their families, along with members of the KHS football team came together for a pre-game meal. “Just seeing the expression of joy on all the kids faces as they connect together during the pre-event pizza party is why we do this.”

The inaugural event was held in September 2016 and 200+ students participated. This year’s event had 15 more students than last year’s.