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Kirkwood Pioneer earns all American rating from NSPA

The Kirkwood High School 2018 Pioneer yearbook was awarded the National Scholastic Press Association’s highest honor rating of All-American with five of a possible five “Marks of Distinction” in the NSPA's annual review.

The 2018 Pioneer scored 478 total points and received five out of five Marks of Distinction in the areas of Essentials, Coverage, Writing and Editing, Design and Photography. Marks of Distinction may be earned in each of the five sections of judging at the discretion of the judge and/or an NSPA official.

The 2018 Pioneer was led by Editors In chief Callie Mechelke, 2018 graduate attending Pepperdine University, Olivia Rau, 2018 graduate attending Washington University in St. Louis, and Hannah Santoni, 2018 graduate attending Miami University along with 74 other staff Members.