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KHS Grads Earn Missouri Seal of Biliteracy

Kirkwood High School students demonstrated proficiency in both English and a secondary language in 2018, with 29 graduates earning the prestigious Missouri Seal of Biliteracy, and eight students earning the state’s Distinguished Seal of Biliteracy. Students earned the seal of recognition for English, French, German and Spanish languages.

Kirkwood Schools adopted the State of Missouri’s Seal of Biliteracy program during its inaugural year in 2017-18, to recognize students who demonstrate proficiency in both English and a second language on an Advanced Placement test. Students must also participate in a cultural component of the second language in which they are proficient.

Students who earn the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy receive a mark of distinction on their transcripts, and also have the opportunity to earn college credit hours following graduation from high school.

Students recognized as Distinguished are:

Matthew Coble (French);Catherine Skubiz (German); James Hastings (German); Clayton Pokorny (Spanish); Clair Lin (Spanish); Meredith Lang (Spanish); Marissa Young (Spanish); Hannah Santoni (Spanish).