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Students in Kirkwood High School (KHS) Advanced Placement Language classes submitted essays to the Yes! Magazine National Student Writing Competition.

For Yes! Magazine writing competitions, students are invited quarterly to read a selected Yes! Magazine article, then respond with an essay using a writing prompt. For the fall 2019 student writing contest, we invited students to read the YES! article “Native and European—How Do I Honor All Parts of Myself?” by Kayla DeVault.

For the assignment, students reflected on their heritage and how connected they felt to different parts of their identities. Students then wrote about their heritage, family stories, and how they honor their identities. 

From the hundreds of essays written and submitted from across the nation, nine were chosen as winners, including two KHS students:

  • Junior Keon Tindle was announced at the High School Winner for his essay “Walking Through the Forest of Culture”
  • Junior Rowan Burba was announced as the Powerful Voice Winner for his essay “Saluting Shadows”

Two other students’ essays are included in the magazine’s “Gallery of Voices”: 

  • Sebastian Davies-Sigmund for “Not Just Transgender” 
  • Genevieve Francois for “Future Answers”  

YES! Magazine recognized excerpts of students’ work as “Literary Gems”: 

  • Maddie Friar for “The Gray Area” 
  • Liz Terry for “Black Girl White Girl” 

YES! Magazine recognized students’ titles in “Titles We Loved”: 

  • Amelia Hurley for “What It Takes to Be a Sinner” 

KHS Advanced Placement Language classes are taught by Janet DePasquale, Katie Meyers, and Adam Rowland.