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School Resumes Thursday: Please Be Aware and Please Slow Down

As the summer comes to an end, our schools will be coming back in session.  There will be increased pedestrian traffic around the neighborhoods and schools, increased traffic in and around the City, and buses picking up and dropping off students all around town.  Below are a few reminders to keep our young ones safe as school starts up. 

Slow Down. Be aware as you travel in and around schools, neighborhoods, and the City. 

Traffic will be heavier during morning and afternoon hours.

Do not block crosswalks. Blocking crosswalks is not only illegal, it is also unsafe, as it pushes pedestrians out of view of other drivers and impedes their movement across the street.

Never pass a stopped vehicle allowing pedestrians to cross. This can create confusion for both the pedestrians and other drivers.

Never pass a bus from behind. Extension of the stop arm and flashing lights indicates that students are boarding or deboarding the bus and may find themselves in the street.

Be aware of bicyclists. Bikes often enter from behind parked cars and driveways.

Use extreme caution around school zones. These are high pedestrian traffic areas. Please slow down, and be aware of your surroundings. 

If we follow these simple steps, be aware of our surroundings and SLOW DOWN we can ensure the safety of our students as they return from their summer break.


Kirkwood Fire Crews along with their fire trucks will be out and visiting schools on opening day, August 15, as a reminder to drivers that kids are back in school, and it's time to be aware and to........

slow down.  Thank you.