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Prop R Update 12/08/22 - Information on KHS/Prop R-Related Improvements

As promised with Prop R, the school district is planning to add 15 classrooms to KHS. A new building addition will contain 10 classrooms and 5 classrooms will also be added through interior renovations to the existing main office and grade level offices. A new welcome center and main office will be built on the Dougherty Ferry side of the campus. 

Per the City of Kirkwood's code of ordinances, the District would be required to add 90 parking spaces, six for each additional classroom. Based on the initial plans, the District is proposing to add only 21 additional spaces. This requires a variance request through the City of Kirkwood.

The District's variance request has been set for a public hearing before the City of Kirkwood's Board of Adjustment on January 10, 2022 at 7 pm at Kirkwood City Hall. The public can submit written comments to the City of Kirkwood and the Board of Adjustment and they can make public comments at the meeting on Monday.