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2019-20 Teachers of the Year

Over the past several weeks, each Kirkwood school selected a School Teacher of the Year from nominations submitted by faculty and staff in their individual schools. This past week, the schools announced their 2019-20 Teacher of the Year honorees. The 2019-20 Kirkwood School District Teachers of the Year will be formally introduced to District staff at the opening day workshop on Aug. 8, 2019. Congratulations to these outstanding Kirkwood Teachers of the Year, who were selected by their school colleagues to represent the many outstanding Kirkwood teachers and staff members in 2019-20:

KECC-Penny Chastain
Keysor-Molly Brockmeyer
North Glendale-Lori Wehrman
Robinson-Shannon Appelbaum
Tillman-Molly Boesch
Westchester-Chelsea Witwer
Nipher-Luis Actis
North Kirkwood Middle-Denise Ford
KHS-Mitch Eden

Thank you to everyone who participated in the selection process. And a special thank you to the school representatives and members of the teachers of the year selection and planning committee: Christa Payton, KECC; Leslie Smart, Keysor; Jane Fairbanks, North Glendale; Pam Harris, Robinson; Tamala Merritt, Tillman; Jeni Ono, Westchester; Kerry Schendel, Nipher; Brandy Fink, North Kirkwood Middle School; Gina Woodard, KHS and Ginger Cayce and Lisa Wade in the Community Relations and Development Office.