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Kirkwood School District Students and Staff Collect Items for Over 160 Families

Every October, the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations recognizes World Food Day, a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. The Kirkwood School District (KSD) recognized this day by asking students and staff to donate collected canned and non-perishable food items for Kirkcare, a local food pantry that supports families that reside in KSD.

 Over 4,000 items were collected for Kirkcare. Kirkcare executive director Larry Watson estimates that the collection will assist over 160 families in the KSD community. “The success of the World Food Day event was truly amazing and far exceeded what I would have anticipated for a short duration food drive,” said Watson. “This will help so many families in need.”

Schools collected within their buildings and classrooms. A group of students at North Kirkwood Middle School (NKMS) also involved the community with the collection. Seventh graders in Matt Good’s homeroom visited the local Shop ‘n Save after school one afternoon to collect items from shoppers. NKMS student resource officer Larry Nigles led the group of students and oversaw the collection. After over an hour of collecting, the students had about 260 items. The students and Nigles compiled their money together, went into the store, and bought over 40 more items to bring the collection that day to over 300 items. These students include Andrew Coombs, Kai DeKoter, Sophia Harrison, Anna Larkin, Alli Luth, Addison McGahan, Liz Myers, Arul Osburn, Mia Risch, Levi Simpson, Joe Snyder, Carolyn Spohr, Lilly Strickland, and Nate Van Rees.

Students in Tammy Dowell’s homeroom served as the NKMS building donation collectors, and helped load the truck of donated items.

On Thursday, October 18, a packed truck of donated items was unloaded by members of the KSD maintenance staff into the Kirkcare pantry. “I was totally amazed when I saw the large Kirkwood Pioneer truck pull up full of food to feed the hungry in our area,” said Watson. “I truly appreciated the assistance and hard work from the students and staff members who assisted with the loading and unloading of the truck.”

This was KSD’s first time collecting for World Food Day.