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Kirkwood School District Teacher Selected as One of 25 Educators Globally for Ancient Olympic Professional Development Workshop

Kimberly Martin, Social Studies teacher at North Kirkwood Middle School, will join 25 educators from around the world in a two-week professional development workshop studying “The Ancient Olympics and Daily Life in Ancient Olympia: A Hands-On History.” The workshop will take place at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL this July.


The workshop, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, will immerse K-12 teachers in the ancient Olympic Games and the local life going on around those games. We'll delve into scholarly historical research via original literary sources, material remains, and secondary analysis from contemporary scholars. Just as importantly, this institute will help participants to understand the Games and ancient Mediterranean life from a hands-on history perspective, teaching participants how to do the Olympic events in the ancient style, to carry out the work of artisans and craftspeople of the time, and to experience the materiality of ancient life.


Martin has taught in Kirkwood schools for 14 years. After learning about life in Olympia and the ancient events, she plans on bringing the Olympics to Kirkwood in Spring 2025.