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Westchester Elementary Honored for Providing Positive Behavior Support

Westchester Elementary School in the Kirkwood School District (KSD) received the Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) Gold Award of Recognition. The award recognizes schools that successfully adopt and implement SW-PBS, a comprehensive approach for improving student behavior and academic performance. Schools are awarded a recognition level (gold, silver or bronze), which represents the extent of their implementation of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support strategies and the evidence they have compiled about the initiative’s impact in their school.

At a recent Special School District Governing Council meeting, Westchester principal Bo Ricker and Kirkwood School District board member Julie Backer were presented a framed certificate. Westchester is one of a select few schools in the county who have won state recognition for at least 10 years.

Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support is a systematic approach to creating safer and more effective schools by structuring the learning environment to support the academic and social success of all students. It focuses on data-based decision-making, encouraging positive student behavior, preventing disruptive behavior and tailoring academic strategies to individual student needs.