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Ceremony Marks Official Reopening of Kirkwood High School Athletic Fields

On Monday, April 29, student athletes joined guests and staff to celebrate the completion of updates to the Kirkwood High School athletic fields. The newly resurfaced fields are  Frank Czapla Field (soccer), the field hockey/lacrosse field, the Jim Scott Baseball and Softball Complex and a track and field throwing arena. 


“Conversation around updating the grass fields at Kirkwood High School has been ongoing since it was included as part of a facility plan in 2014. It’s exciting that, 10 years later, we get to see it come to fruition,” said Dr. David Ulrich, Superintendent. “Previously, on a rainy day, these fields were simply unusable. That either meant about 300 athletes in the stadium together trying to use the same space or canceling games and practices altogether.”   


The majority of programs that benefited from the upgrades are exclusively female sports, including girls soccer, softball, girls lacrosse and field hockey. Dr. Ulrich highlighted that the improvements get Kirkwood schools closer to its goal of having more equitable facilities for all of our students.  


The project, which was funded through operating reserves, Prop i reserves and $300,000 in private donations, also included grading, improving drainage, fencing work, and adding ADA-accessible bleachers at the baseball/softball field. The new surfaces will save the district about $60,000 a year on maintenance.   


To celebrate, spectators traveled to each of the updated spaces where athletes from all benefiting programs had the opportunity to make an official first goal, stroke or throw on the playing space.    



Photo Caption: Members of the Kirkwood High School boys baseball team and girls softball team exchange first pitches during the athletic field reopening ceremony on Monday, April 29. The facility improvements ensure KHS students have more frequent and consistent access to quality playing surfaces.