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Kirkwood Student Musicians Selected to Webster Community Music School

Congratulations to our 46 KSD student musicians selected to participate in Webster Community Music School Young People's Concert and Symphonic Orchestras. The students were selected from over 200+ students who auditioned from across the Metropolitan Area including parts of Illinois.
KSD students range from 6th -12th grade.
Young People's Symphonic Orchestra selections from KSD schools:
Sarah Lichtenberg, violin
Angelina Casey, violin
Nate Bauer, violin
Carter Chen, violin
Olivia Newsham, violin
Joci Ferkel, violin
Sienna Staten, violin
Simone Ayers, violin
Sadie Moore, violin
Lucas Chaney, violin
Avery Taylor, violin
Nathan Smith, cello
Anabel Espinal, Double Bass
Katie Klein, Principal Bass
Harry Falk, Bass
Noah Dehler, Bass
Quinn Judge, Bass
Isaiah Smith, Bass
Sharon Wirth, clarinet
Althea Althauser, trombone
Beckett Whitworth, bass clarinet

Young People's Concert Orchestra selections from KSD schools:
Gus Soell, violin
Isaac Wilhelm, violin
Grace Muchnick, violin
Sophie Bain, violin
Elsie Davenport, violin
Josephine Kim, violin
Olin Shivelbine, violin
Esther Borgmeyer, viola
EJ Evans, viola
Maria Melton, viola
Max Willoughby, viola
Luke Bauer, viola
Julia Melton, viola
Noah Mariscal, viola
Maggie McKay, viola
Audrey Amacher, cello
Andrew Bain, cello
Samantha Wilson, cello
Jake Saldana, cello
Alexander Gow, cello
Luci Mariscal, Bass
Carolyn Vandagriff, bassoon
Chloe Babel, trombone
Ryder Byers, tuba
Lawrence Ringwald, percussion

For the audition, students prepared material including scales, solo material, and excerpts from various genres of music for placement in the Young People's Concert Orchestra and the Young People's Symphonic Orchestras. The students will rehearse weekly and perform two concerts this year at the Community Music School at Webster University, 535 Garden Ave, St. Louis, MO 63119
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