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North Kirkwood Middle School Student Shows “How To” Design Kindness Bags

Students in Jenny Jacquin’s homeroom class at North Kirkwood Middle School participate in a weekly “How To” exercise where students share a unique talent or cause that is special to them. Every student has a week, and it is an opportunity to have students learn about each other and from each other. During past “how to” days, students have shared how to make an origami, how to make an omelet, and how to play chess.


This week, NKMS 7th grader Ruby Slotkin showed her classmates “How To” make Kindness Bags for those in need. Ruby provided the materials including socks, mints, toothbrush, bandaids, and a granola bar and went through a discussion of these essential things one might want if they were in need and without shelter. After the discussion, the students assembled the kindness bags which also included a kind note. Ruby asked her classmates to then deliver the kindness bags to someone in need.