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Nipher Students Take Top Spot in Area Wide Book Contest

Students from Nipher Middle School on the Nipher Battle of the Books Club won the annual Area-Wide Middle School Book Battle on Wednesday, May 5 at Pattonville Heights Middle School. Teams of students from 24 area schools came together virtually for this year’s competition.

The Area-Wide Middle School Book Battle gives middle school students the opportunity to meet and discuss current books of interest. The Area-Wide Book Battle Committee creates a list of 20 books that includes a variety of genres and reading levels. The committee develops questions for each book that are formatted so each answer is the title and author of a book on the list. Some of the questions are fairly obvious, while others require a deeper understanding of the book. In addition, challenge round and even more difficult tiebreaker questions require team members to provide details from the books.

Students are encouraged to create teams to read and discuss the books contained on the list. If necessary, schools may conduct semi-final rounds to select their final team.

For their first-place victory, each team member from Nipher received a gold medal and a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Team members include:

Front Row (right to left): Daphne Wassel, Cadence Weigand, Trip Nieman, Avery Haden

Back Row (right to left): Lizzy Buckhold, Isaiah Smith, Agnes Smith, Ellie de la Fuente

The team is sponsored by Christy White.