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Dr. Denise Ford Selected as KSD Teacher of the Year

Dr. Denise Ford, SOAR gifted specialist and social studies teacher at North Kirkwood Middle School, as Kirkwood School District Teacher of the Year for 2019-20. Denise was selected through an interview process conducted by the Teacher of the Year selection committee.

Denise has been an educator for 35 years, and at NKMS for the past seven years. Her excitement for teaching and toward her students is absolutely infectious. She strives to create a comfortable learning environment in her classroom where students feel safe, loved and challenged. The tone is set for this as the first thing you see when entering her classroom is a banner that says: “Welcome to your Sanctuary.”

Denise is also beloved by the staff at NKMS. She is the lead behind “Theme Thursdays” and inspires building unity by planning staff theme days where staff members are encouraged to wear a themed type of clothing. Recently, Denise planned “Telephone Day,” when staff members were encouraged to pick up the phone and leave a message on a colleagues phone extension for something they appreciated about that person, or how they were inspired by them. She feels that demonstrating a sense of unity is imperative for students to feel safe and secure to learn. She truly models “Wonder, Connection, and Joy” for her students and all those who work alongside her at NKMS.

Congratulations to Denise and all the outstanding Teachers of the Year who represent the many Kirkwood teachers and staff throughout the District.