• Whether students are on campus or learning virtually, all students will follow the same schedule. Most weeks, Monday and Wednesday are Odd Class Period days and Tuesday and Thursday are Even Class Period days. The exception is the week following spring break. The week begins on Tuesday with an ODD day and finishes with a virtual Friday that is EVEN classes.

    Lunch is based on what building you are in when the lunch period happens. On an odd class day, lunch goes with 5th hour and on an even class day lunch is with 6th hour.

    1st Lunch: West Building, Journalism, North Building, Northwest Building, Innovation Center, and LRC

    2nd Lunch: Science Building, East Building, Engineering & Technology, Family & Consumer Science, Project Achieve, PE, Health, Art, Drama, and Music

    Monday/Wednesday--Odd Classes Day, Lunch with 5th Hour

    Contact: 7:30-7:40
    1st Hour: 7:45-9:13
    3rd Hour: 9:19-10:55 (includes announcements)

    1st Lunch: 10:55-11:34; 5th Hour: 11:40-1:08
    5th Hour: 11:01-12:29; 2nd Lunch: 12:29-1:08

    7th Hour: 1:14-2:42

    Tuesday/Thursday--Even Classes Day, Lunch with 6th Hour

    Contact: 7:30-7:40
    2nd Hour: 7:45-9:13
    4th Hour: 9:19-10:55 (includes announcements)

    1st Lunch: 10:55-11:34; 6th Hour: 11:40-1:08
    6th Hour: 11:01-12:29; 2nd Lunch: 12:29-1:08

    Homeroom: 1:14-2:42

    Friday Schedule for Synchronous Learning on March 19, April 2, 9, 23, 30, May 14, and 21.

    1st Hour: 7:45-8:25
    2nd Hour: 8:30-9:10
    3rd Hour: 9:15-9:55
    4th Hour: 10:00-10:40
    5th Hour: 10:45-11:25
    Lunch/PLC/Plan: 11:30-1:10
    6th Hour: 1:15-1:55
    7th Hour: 2:00-2:40

    Students are expected to be on Zoom to start each period.