• Whether students are on campus or learning virtually, all students will follow the same schedule. All afternoon classes are virtual.


    Monday/Wednesday--Odd Classes Day

    1st Hour: 7:45-8:50
    3rd Hour: 8:55-10:00
    5th Hour: 10:05-11:10
    7th Hour: 11:15-12:20
    Dismissal--grab and go lunch/breakfast: 12:20-1:40
    Monday 1st Hour Virtual/Wednesday 5th Hour Virtual: 1:45-2:10
    Monday 3rd Hour Virtual/Wednesday 7th Hour Virtual: 2:15-2:40

    Tuesday/Thursday--Even Classes Day

    2nd Hour: 7:45-8:50
    4th Hour: 8:55-10:00
    6th Hour: 10:05-11:10
    Dismissal--grab and go lunch/breakfast: 11:15-12:20
    Academic Homeroom: Begins at 12:35
    Tuesday 2nd Hour Virtual/Thursday 6th Hour Virtual: 1:45-2:10
    Tuesday 4th Hour Virtual/Thursday Office Hours Virtual: 2:15-2:40

    Friday Schedule for Synchronous Learning on November 20, December 4, and December 11.

    1st Hour: 7:45-8:25
    2nd Hour: 8:35-9:15
    3rd Hour: 9:25-10:05
    4th Hour: 10:15-10:55
    5th Hour: 11:05-11:45
    Lunch/PLC/Plan: 11:45-1:05
    6th Hour: 1:10-1:50
    7th Hour: 1:55-2:35