GRADUATION REQUIREMENT: All students are required to pass a minimum of three credits of Science to graduate:

    • one credit in Physics I (or Accelerated Physics)
    • one credit in Chemistry
    • one credit in Biology

Science Course Offerings

  • Physics

  • Accelerated Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Chemistry Honors

  • Biology

  • Biology Honors

  • Anatomy & Physiology I

  • Anatomy & Physiology II

  • Space and Planetary Science

  • AP Biology

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Physics 1

Course Number Course Name Grade Level Semester or Full Year Prerequisite
SC100A/B Physics 9 Full Year None
SC101A/B Accelerated Physics 9 Full Year Algebra I
SC200A/B Chemistry 10 Full Year Physics (.5 credit)
SC290A/B Chemistry Honors 10 Full Year Physics AND Teacher Recommendation AND Placement Test
SC302A/B Biology 11-12 Full Year Physics and Chemistry (.5 credit)
SC390A/B Biology Honors 11-12 Full Year Physics, Chemistry (grade of A) OR Chemistry Honors (B or better) AND Teacher Recommendation
SC300C Anatomy & Physiology I 11-12 Semester (Fall Only) Biology
SC301C Anatomy & Physiology II 11-12 Semester (Spring Only) Biology; Anatomy & Physiology I Recommended
SC304A/B Space and Planetary Science 11-12 Full Year Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, and Geometry
SC500A/B AP Biology 11-12 Full Year Physics, Chemistry Honors (grade of A) AND Teacher Recommendation
SC501A/B AP Chemistry 10-12 Full Year Chemistry AND Teacher Recommendation
SC502A/B AP Physics 1 10-12 Full Year Physics and Algebra II AND Teacher Recommendation