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    If you are interested in finding out information about registering a child aged 2-5 at Kirkwood Early Childhood Center (KECC), please visit the KECC website.

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Q & A

  • What is Online Enrollment?

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    Online enrollment is an online application that parents and guardians must use to enroll their children at the beginning of every school year (enrollment starts in early February prior to the school year start). After completing online enrollment, new students to Kirkwood School District must go to their school on its assigned enrollment day and bring with them the printed verification page. Continuing students may qualify for paperless enrollment.

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  • Who can enroll a student?

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    Only parents and/or legal guardians with “rights to records” and/or “educational guardianship” can enroll students.

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  • Can I still complete the online enrollment without an email account or internet access?

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    A valid email address and Wi-Fi access is required to begin the online enrollment process. If you do not have an email address you should contact the building for an appointment to register in person through a kiosk with all required documentation.

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  • Do I have to complete the entire application in one sitting?

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    *** You are not required to complete the entire application in one sitting. Please be sure to write down your online application number for your records in case you need more time. This number should be entered into the confirmation field when you return to the online registration system to bring you back to your original application.

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  • What documentation does the school ask for to enroll a new resident student?

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    Gather this required information before you begin the enrollment process.
    • Parent/guardian legal name(s) and address(es)
    • Emergency contact information
    • Birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics - Only use the name given and recorded on the birth certificate
    • Medically documented immunization/health records
    • Proof of residency (please read more below)
    • For transfer students, an unofficial transcript or most recent report card
    • Individual Education Plan and evaluation (IEP) and /or Section 504 Accommodation Plan
    (IAP) and evaluation (if student has a disability)
    • Custody Papers/Parenting Plan: A copy of the section of the dissolution decree (not the
    petition), which stipulates custody in cases of parent.

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  • Am I considered a new or existing family?

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    All kindergarteners are classified as new students even if they previously attended KECC.

    If you have moved out of the district and are returning, you are also considered a new family.

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  • What are acceptable forms of proof of residency?

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    *** This is a mandatory step. You will not be able to proceed or save your application past this point if you do not upload proofs of residency. One document from each List A and List B are required. Electronic documents are permissible if they are current and contain the information required for the district to verify proof of residence (date, name, address, applicable signatures, etc.). The district has the right to request additional proof at any time or to employ other means to verify residency. Under Missouri law, misrepresenting residency is a criminal offense. If a family’s residency status is found to be inaccurately represented or changes without notification to the district, the district may act to recover the cost of services provided.
    List A documents (submit 1)
    • Deed/Closing Statement
    • Mortgage statement dated within 30 days of the date of submission
    • Unexpired lease/rental agreement signed by landlord and tenant and including the address, apartment number, and date of rental

    List B documents (submit 1)
    • Utility bill (water, gas, sewer, trash, or electric) dated within 30 days of the date of submission for verification and including the name, service and mailing address.
    • Real estate tax receipt dated within 1 year of the date of submission
    • Personal property tax receipt dated within 1 year of the date of submission
    • Occupancy Permit listing all the occupants of the residence

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  • Do any of the following situations pertain to you?

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    If the answer to any of these are yes, please call Student Services at 314-213-6105 before you begin the online enrollment process.

    • You have a contract on a house or a lease agreement, but you have not occupied the residence;
    • Your name is not on your lease agreement or you do not own your home;
    • Your child is not living with a parent or court-appointed guardian;
    • You have an address in the City of St. Louis and you have not yet been approved to attend Kirkwood through the Voluntary Inter-district Choice Corporation (VICC);
    • You have a foster child, foreign exchange student or are currently displaced
    • You are a non-residential employee wishing to enroll a new student in the district.

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  • How do I pay student fees and how much are they?

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    Elementary, middle and high school students have specific fees and can be paid through a separate process. (Some examples include: lunch, activity fees, Ipad/laptop insurance, etc.)

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