Students who graduate from a designated A+ high school may qualify for a state-paid financial incentive to attend any public community college or career/technical school in Missouri.  KHS students must sign up for the A+ Program through Dr. Shiree Yeggins' office.  If you have questions about the necessary A+ forms or tutoring opportunities, feel free to contact Dr. Shiree Yeggins at 314-213-6100, ext. 1307. 

    To be eligible A+ Certification, the student must:

    • Attend a designated A+ School for two consecutive years prior to high school graduation.
    • Graduate from high school with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (a 2.499 GPA is not eligible) or higher for all four years of high school.
    • Maintain at least a 95% cumulative attendance record for all four years of high school.
    • Perform a total of 50 hours of unpaid academic tutoring of other students under the supervision of a certified Kirkwood School District employee within the 4 years of high school.
    • Must achieve a score of Proficient or Advanced on the Algebra EOC or a higher level DESE approved exam in the field of mathematics.

    To receive A+ funds from the state, the following must also be completed:

    • Provide a copy of the student’s Social Security number.
    • Make a documented, good faith effort to secure available federal post-secondary student financial assistance funds that do not require payment (FAFSA application must be completed and mailed to the school that the student is planning to attend between January 1st and April 1st).
    • Males must register with the Selective Service upon their eighteenth birthday.
    • Enroll and attend a Missouri public community college or vocational school on a full-time basis and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

    A+ Forms

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