• -Our Mission-

    Students of the Kirkwood School District will think critically and creatively, driven by a sense of wonder, connection, and joy.

    -Our Vision-

    Working together, we will ensure all students are prepared for success – now and in their future.


    Eight specific objectives guide our work, spanning the District’s three broad areas of focus. All are meant to be equally important, with no ranking or order applied. Additional action items within each objective can be found further below.

    Working together as a District, we will:

    1. Foster an inclusive, collaborative culture committed to innovative thinking and a shared ownership in student success
    2. Ensure equitable opportunities and success for all students, regardless of race, abilities, gender, or socioeconomics
    3. Actively address the varied mental health and wellness needs of our students
    4. Design rigorous student learning to meet the current and future needs of diverse learners
    5. Develop flexible systems and structures to advance personalization, student learning, and application of ideas
    6. Aggressively engage families and the broader community, including those beyond KSD, in partnerships that support growth, innovative practices, and a shared responsibility in the success of students
    7. Provide student-centered learning spaces and facilities that reflect a commitment to safety, flexibility, creativity, inclusion, and sustainability
    8. Secure financial stability for the district and broad-based trust within our community