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  • Family Newsletter 10/10/21

    Hello everyone-

    Although we still have had lots of warm weather, I know fall is in the air. The leaves are starting to change and fall (yikes, the yard work!) and here at school we are getting ready for the Halloween Parade and PTO Tricks & Treats event directly following the parade. If your family does not celebrate Halloween, please email Angeline as we have lots of fun ways that they can participate in the events without dressing up. We want to ensure that all of our students and families belong and are included in all of our events. The PTO Tricks & Treats event is replacing classroom parties (which we aren't doing due to Covid). Please reach out to our amazing counselors if your child needs a costume to use for the parade- K-2 reach out to Mrs. Harris, 3-5 reach out to Mrs. Cohen.

    Also, I've had some questions regarding the parent volunteer requirements and wanted to provide additional clarification. We do not intend to require those who have completed the family care registry to complete it again. Additionally, once the requirements are met, they will be cleared for the remainder of the time in the district UNLESS there is an institutional change (an alert from the system that changes the person’s status).

    Additional information and an application is available here.

    Please reach out at any time to share any questions, concerns, or ideas. I am here to help and support you and your family. Thanks for all you do to help keep our students and staff safe.

    Take Care-


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  • Connecting with the Counselors

    October 10, 2021

    Good Evening,

    We hope your first week of October was a wonderful one. Tonight we want to start with a more serious message about students in crisis and mental health support.

    We were very busy at Robinson this week. We are working diligently to support all students needs in our learning environment. Some needs are bigger than others-- not always more important, just bigger or ones that require more adult time from our team to ensure the safety and learning for everyone.

    As counselors, we are part of our Robinson crisis team. This team is called on when a student is dysregulated in a way that is unsafe for them or others. This can look different for different kiddos. Some of our kids are not always able to express big emotions safely. We see a lot of emotional outbursts-- whether it is from anger, frustration, anxiety, or grief, to name a few-- and this may look like throwing items, hitting, kicking, spitting, screaming, or eloping from the learning space they are supposed to be in. Other times this can be a student making suicidal statements or doing self-harming actions. We realize, for some of you, that this is really hard to believe or hear about-- especially when speaking about elementary kiddos, but it is our reality.

    Last month was Suicide Awareness Month. The information shared in our weekly communication in September may have seemed, to some, that it did not apply to our elementary students, but it does. Over the past 5 years we have seen an increase in suicidal thoughts and comments from our students at Robinson. This trend is not unique to our school or district, and it is the reason we are sharing this information. Since the beginning of the school year, we have performed Suicide Risk Assessments every week.

    Please take any suicidal comments and/or actions your child says seriously and follow up with an agency (list provided below) or a professional if needed. Some comments we hear are, "I don't want to be here anymore," "I want to be in heaven," and "I want to die." Many times an adult's first idea is to respond to that with, "you don't mean that." We ask you to please pause and, instead ask, "tell me more about that?" This one question can provide you with knowledge of what is behind the statement-- if there a serious threat with a plan, or if this was a poor choice of words to express some other idea. If you are still unsure, please err on the side of caution and call one of the 24 hour/7 day a week hotlines listed below.

    Please continue to reach out if we can be helpful. All of our contact information can be found at the end of this communication. If you feel our response time has been slower this week, it may have been. We are all doing our very best to answer all needs in our building. If you have reached out without an answer, please send us another email to remind us. We appreciate all you do each day for your children and reminding us of what they may need is a part of that. Thank you.

    If you missed last week's communication, you can access it from this link:

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District News

  • Kirkwood School District Middle School Students Learn Online Safety in Childhood Smart Program

    Students at Nipher Middle School in the Kirkwood School District participated in the “Childhood Smart Program.” The program was created in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to help educate parents and children about computer and personal safety. William J. Shink, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) of the Secret Service St. Louis Field Office presented to students in the Nipher 6th grade Wellness classes. During the presentation, Shink shared the “NetSmartz, Online Safety” presentation that was developed by the Secret Service to share educational resources for parents and K-12 students created by NCMEC. The NetSmartz Online Safety presentation is designed for 6-8 grade students, addressing issues they may encounter online including inappropriate content, online privacy, online solicitations, and cyberbullying. “Decisions you make today on what you post will impact your outcomes in the future for college, jobs, and beyond,” said Shink. “Once you click ‘post’, it’s out there forever.”

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  • Kirkwood High School Drama Students’ Movie Production Selected in National Film Festival

    Students from Kirkwood High School’s (KHS) KH Players (drama club) submitted a student written, acted, produced, and directed film to the annual All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF). The title of the film, “Haunted Happenings,” is a comedic look into what happens when making a supernatural reality TV show goes horribly wrong. Their movie was announced as an “Official Section” as part of the 2021 All American High School Film Festival and shown at the festival in New York City, October 8-10, 2021.

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  • Kirkwood High School Student Earns Girl Scout Gold Award

    Kirkwood High School junior Samantha Hepburn completed her Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a young lady can achieve in Girl Scouts. Samantha is a junior at Kirkwood High School. Last school year, she applied, implemented, and completed her Gold Award Project. Samantha's project was setting up a sustainable supply of feminine hygiene product for the Ritenour Food Pantry. In addition to holding a feminine hygiene drive and collecting over 14,000 pieces of product, she created a video for the pantry's website discussing the inequities in securing feminine product, and she delivered a sustainable model of acquisition so that Ritenour Food Pantry can always offer product to their clients.

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