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    Board Policy GBH, staff members are expected to maintain courteous and professional relationships with students.  Inappropriate interactions with students will result in disciplinary action or termination when the district determines such action is necessary to protect students.

    Any person, including a student, who has concerns about or is uncomfortable with a relationship or activities between a staff member and a student should bring this concern immediately to the attention of the principal, counselor, or staff member's supervisor.  Any staff member who possesses knowledge or evidence of a possible violation of this policy must immediately make a report to the district's administration.
    The district will provide training to district staff that includes current and reliable information on identifying signs of sexual abuse in children and potentially abusive relationships between children and adults. The training will emphasize legal reporting requirements and cover how to establish an atmosphere where students feel comfortable discussing matters related to abuse.

    Statement from Dr. Ulrich, Superintendent of Schools

    The Kirkwood School District (KSD) takes allegations of abuse, misconduct, or inappropriate behavior very seriously.  Anyone who has information related to abuse, misconduct, or inappropriate behavior by any current or former KSD staff member should call the local police department and notify the KSD Human Resources Department.

    Information or statements can be given via online form, email to human.resources@kirkwoodschools.org, or call 314.213.6100, ext. 7804 for  Dr. Howard Fields, assistant superintendent of human resources or 314.213.6100 ext. 7809 for Ms. Cindi Nelson, director of human resources.