• Note: November 16, 2019
    The survey is now closed. We will provide information related to all feedback received via the online survey and paper surveys submitted. Information should be posted by November 19, 2019. Thank you.


    The last ten years have seen an increase in resident student enrollment by more than 1,000 resident students, which is comparable to two elementary schools. To help us think creatively about addressing classroom space issues due to this enrollment increase, we consulted with a national firm.

    The facilitators from this firm toured our schools, reviewed our practices and enrollment projections based on a study conducted by Dr. Charles Kofron and presented to the KSD BOE on August 19, 2019. The firm developed six options to address our facility challenges. Those options were discussed with students, staff, parents and community members using a focus group model. An additional option was created as a result of a focus group discussion, totaling seven options. 

    The seven options, along with feedback from the focus groups, were then reviewed by our principals and district-level administrators through the lens of best practices in education. The options were narrowed down to three scenarios, which are outlined to the left. The scenarios also include proposed solutions for security, a gymnasium and library at Tillman Elementary, and other facility needs across the District.

    We need your input on the three options, so we can prioritize what is most important to everyone before we move ahead together. We will be conducting this feedback collection on a tool called “Thoughtexchange.” Thoughtexchange is an online engagement software to lead discussions via a virtual platform. We will use your thoughts to make better-informed decisions related to the number of students in our schools, class sizes and attendance areas to address our current and growing student enrollment.

    Please review these scenarios and participate in the Thoughtexchange process. To the left of this overview is additional information about the process, the October 2019 enrollment report and enrollment projections.

    We are using a proactive approach to address projected capacity issues. Projections from a demographer indicate we will increase by 516 students, or 9 percent, by the 2024-25 school year. 

    The following highlights current capacity and projected capacity for the 2023-24 school year.

    Keysor is at 99% capacity, projected to be at 119%
    North Glendale is at 93%, projected to be at 92%
    Robinson is at 90%, projected to be at 102%
    Tillman is at 81%, projected to be at 83%
    Westchester is at 100%, projected to be at 109%
    Nipher Middle is at 92%, projected to be 90%
    North Kirkwood Middle is at 86%, projected to be 106%
    KHS is at 99%, projected to be 107% 

    Utilization Map 2019-20

    Utilization Study 2020-21  

    Utilization Map 2022-23 school year

    School Utilization 2023-24