• Kirkwood School District strives to provide equal educational opportunities for all students in the district. The Kirkwood Gifted Program exists to serve the needs of students who possess significantly advanced knowledge, critical and creative problem solving, and highly developed learning capabilities. These learners demonstrate the capacity to handle curricular content at a rapid pace and at advanced levels of abstractness, complexity, and independence. This program is referred to as REACH in grades K-5 and SOAR in grades 6-8. In order to support these students in achieving their personal goals and academic success for which they are capable, the KSD will do the following:

    • appropriately identify and evaluate Gifted learners
    • determine the appropriate instructional needs and environments
    • monitor the progress of students receiving Gifted instruction in order to determine the appropriate Level of Services
    • establish professional standards for Gifted staff members and provide development opportunities for staff members who work with Gifted students

    If you would like more information, please contact your building Gifted Specialist or MTSS Coordinator: Elizabeth Lock at elizabeth.lock@kirkwoodschools.org or 314-213-6100 ext. 7827.