STEAMFest WINNERS 2018-2019

  • We are proud to announce the names of those students that participated in the 2018-19 annual STEAMFest science fair.  Congratulations to all of our Kirkwood winners that put in the extra work and effort to help make this another successful science fair!


    1st Place Josephine Kim
    1st Place Libby Baker 
    1st Place Sophie Bain
    1st Place Ariana Bandyopadhyay
    1st Place Samantha Wilson
    1st Place Nolan Davis
    1st Place Elyse Oconnor 
    1st Place Henry Byrne
    1st Place Isaac Wilhelm
    1st Place Ryder Byers
    1st Place Amelia Bartin
    1st Place Jonah Crites
    1st Place Shiloh Byers 
    2nd Place Mitchell Lutz 
    2nd Place Addison Craft
    2nd Place Desmond O Connor 
    3rd Place Isabella Hunt



    1st Place Abigail Figura
    1st Place Evalynn (Eva) Jearls
    1st Place Henry Ericson
    1st Place Lillian McGinnis
    1st Place Madeline Smeds
    1st Place Lauren Kielbasa
    1st Place Nora Schroeder
    1st Place Beatrice Hessel
    1st Place Ryann Kaufman
    2nd Place Charlotte Meyer 
    2nd Place Claire Wegener
    2nd Place Ayan Bast
    2nd Place Sam Messey 
    2nd Place Claudia Pierce 
    2nd Place Daphne Souroullas
    2nd Place Morgan McGinnis



    1st Place James Oberkfell
    1st Place Kahler Molina
    1st Place Kinsley Molina 
    1st Place Harrison Campbell
    1st Place Silas Norris
    1st Place Aadish Srikanth 
    2nd Place Tilda Roy
    2nd Place Solis Maldonado



    1st Place Dylan Cleland
    1st Place Sienna Staten
    1st Place Isla Cleland
    1st Place Kendall Buening
    1st Place Phoebe Jackson
    1st Place Evangeline Hoganson 
    1st Place Maya Nemmers
    2nd Place Spree Powers
    2nd Place Genevieve Harris
    3rd Place Ben Hoganson 
    3rd Place Cole Sperato
    3rd Place Mason Tiffony
    3rd Place Rex Swoboda 
    3rd Place Cristian Galindo-Knudsen
    3rd Place Carly Smith
    3rd Place Emery Gross
    3rd Place Lily Shaw
    3rd Place Addyson Mohler 
    3rd Place Madelyn Fogle
    3rd Place Avery Campbell 
    3rd Place Lola Savage
    3rd Place Leo Hernandez



    1st Place Charlotte Rootz
    1st Place Kiran Brosch
    1st Place Molly Romano
    1st Place Samantha Rootz
    1st Place Kara Schanz 
    1st Place Devan Osburn
    1st Place Merriman Class
    1st Place Benjamin Kuelker
    1st Place Jackson Scheessele
    1st Place Sanjay Malhotra 
    2nd Place Sam Krus
    3rd Place Amaya Garcia
    3rd Place Brienne Yu
    3rd Place Frances Igney
    3rd Place Hardy Dogan 



    1st Place Josie Hosea
    1st Place McKennah Dawson
    1st Place John Christy
    1st Place Jacob Walter
    1st Place Kat Crawford
    1st Place Erika Schmit
    2nd Place Megan Campbell
    2nd Place Emily DeYong
    2nd Place Morgan Gilster
    3rd Place Ammie Wilkinson
    3rd Place Rachel Walkenhorst 
    3rd Place Tessa Kathriner
    3rd Place Lillian Cockrell
    3rd Place Lola Cartright
    3rd Place Cale Berkbuegler
    3rd Place Jed Holliday 



    1st Place Trey Tweedie
    1st Place Khadija Khan
    1st Place Paddy Fitzgerald
    1st Place Griffin Buening
    1st Place Lilly Strickland
    1st Place Hal Lutz
    2nd Place Julian Davies-Sigmund
    2nd Place Hallie Pack
    2nd Place Owen Fitzgerald
    2nd Place Eamon Layer-Kelley
    2nd Place James Richter
    2nd Place Joe Snyder
    3rd Place Ava Powell
    3rd Place Kaylie Zwilling 
    3rd Place Adam Biere
    3rd Place Ian Lancaster 
Last Modified on March 14, 2019