• U Belong @ Nipher

    Positive Behavior Support and Intervention Plan
    At Nipher Middle School
    Statement of Purpose: To promote and maintain a safe, respectful and consistent environment where everyone can learn.

    At Nipher We Learn To Have Knight Vision:
    We are compassionate.
    We work as a team.
    We persevere.

    The Nipher Middle School Positive Behavior Support and Intervention Plan is designed to help create a climate of academic excellence, compassion, teamwork, and perseverance for all students at Nipher. This plan is based on seven guiding principles. We believe these principles will help create an optimal learning environment for the students and staff at Nipher Middle School. The seven principles of PBIS are:

    I. Clear expectations for student behavior
    II. Clear and consistent strategies for teaching appropriate behavior
    III. Clear and consistent strategies for encouraging appropriate behavior
    IV. Clear and consistent strategies that discourage inappropriate behavior
    V. A support system for student with exceptional needs
    VI. Strategies for communicating the behavior plan to teachers, students and parents
    VII. Methods for evaluating and revising the plan

    You Belong @ Nipher