Every parent or guardian of a student at Nipher Middle School is a member of our Parent Teacher Organization. This can look different for each of us as some have time to donate, some have leadership or organizational skills to offer, some give money or supplies, and some bring fantastic ideas - but all of us are needed and can make a positive difference at Nipher!

    PTO provides funding for student activities such as field trips, orientation, dances and celebrations. We support teachers through grants, supplies, facilities and resources for an excellent education. PTO also provides support to the staff and parents by hosting conference nights, parent education events, and staff appreciation gatherings.

    PTO meets only four times a year to oversee all of the amazing work being done to enhance the Nipher Middle School experience for parents, teachers, and staff and most especially - the students! Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there!

    You Belong at Nipher