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  • The Kirkwood Teacher of the Year program is designed by teachers to honor and recognize the efforts of all Kirkwood School District teachers. The program is reviewed each year by a selection committee of representatives from each of the nine schools. The committee's objective is to provide an opportunity for all staff in the Kirkwood School District to honor a Teacher of the Year from their individual building. 

    Please note: The nominee must be a certified full-time classroom teacher, grades Pre-K through 12, career and technical educator, guidance counselor, library media specialist, or hold a similar position and is actively engaged in classroom teaching. School personnel whose major responsibility is administrative or supervisory is ineligible.

    The process is in alignment with the DESE Teacher of the Year program.

TOY 2023-24
  • Congratulations to these outstanding Kirkwood teachers who were selected by their school colleagues to represent the many outstanding Kirkwood teachers and staff members.


    The 2023-24 Teachers of the Year are: Kayla Mahoney (KECC), Emily Flesch (Keysor), Mandy Kempter (North Glendale), Kristin Davis (Robinson), Jamie Rose (Tillman), Beth Doht (Westchester), Christy White (Nipher), Ann Brobbel (North Kirkwood), and Janet Mees Reinert (Kirkwood High School).