The Right Reasons for Kirkwood High School

The Right Reasons for KHS

Projected Improvements:

    • Add 15 classrooms to maintain class size and address needs such as career and technical education and areas for innovative programs
    • Relocate and secure main office
    • Add security office on Essex side
    • Enclose connection corridors
    • Additional and updated security cameras and lighting around the perimeter of the building
Michael Havener

A Note from the Principal:

  • "Several years ago, KHS was one of the first high schools in the country with Project Lead the Way curriculum for students and master teachers who are specially trained to teach the program. Now, we’ve fallen behind because of space in our school. We truly were the Pioneers with PLTW for not only St. Louis area schools but across the nation. Now, we’ve lost that. The hands-on learning that happens in Project Lead the Way classes provides our students knowledge and in-demand skills for 21st-century careers, regardless of what career path they pursue. 

    These classes serve a huge range of our student population, too. For our college-bound students, the classes serve as resume builders to open doors on college applications and make sure they are ready to take on that degree in engineering.  The classes also provide an important role for our students who plan on a technical career path. These students start their jobs right after high school graduation. A comprehensive Project Lead the Way program will make sure those students who want to start a career right out of the gate from graduating from KHS are able to do so. Right now, we can’t do that for our students."

The Right Reasons for Kirkwood High School:

  • We tell our students to come to KHS to pursue their passion and to encourage them to try something new. However, we can’t provide curriculum opportunities to do that with our lack of space. 

    Bottom line: we need room to continue the level of education our kids deserve, and that our community expects. We simply don’t have enough room.