The Right Reasons for Robinson Elementary

Prop R Projects at Robinson

Projected Improvements:

    • Accessibility and safety improvements
    • Upgraded elevator to enhance equitable access to learning spaces
    • Upgraded restrooms
    • Additional and updated security cameras and lighting around the perimeter of the building

A Note from the Principal:

  • The bond proposal has many positive outcomes for Robinson in that it would allow for an updated,  safe and accessible entrance to be constructed. Also, to  prepare our students for the future, we will be able to provide them with hands-on learning opportunities. With our reduction in enrollment due to adjusting attendance boundaries, Robinson will now have space for our students to learn creatively by participating in lab experiments, and engage in real-world problem solving strategies ensuring we better prepare our students for the future.

    Angeline O'Neal-Hogrefe, Robinson Principal


The Right Reasons for Robinson Elementary:

  • Robinson is a diverse building and our goal is to provide each student a tailored educational experience that meets each of their needs.  Our current classroom spaces are all being utilized to support academic instruction at all levels.  With the additional funding and redistricting, two classroom spaces would open up and allow us to better meet all of the needs of our students.  One of the classrooms would be transformed into a motor lab.  The motor lab would be accessible to all students who needed a sensory break or motor break to get energy out and help them to focus on classroom instruction. 

    We are currently using our cafeteria as a motor lab, but when we resume non-pandemic school structures this space will no longer be available. 

    As you know, preparing our students to be ready for the future, means providing them opportunities for STEM integration with our curriculum.  The other classroom space would allow us to create a MakerSpace for staff to bring students to do hands on lab experiments, STEAM activities, and solve real-world problems by utilizing creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.  These two additional classroom spaces will provide additional opportunities to enhance our curriculum and provide additional supports to our students and better prepare them for the future.

    Currently, Robinson does not have proper and necessary lighting on our campus. Staff, students, and community members who utilize our facilities in winter afternoons and evenings travel to their vehicles in poorly lit parking lots. This is a safety issue. Updating our lighting will provide proper safety measures.

    Currently, the lack of camera coverage throughout the district puts the district at risk for vandalism, theft, fraudulent issuance claims which all put the district at risk. Prop R will allow the district to install cameras to reach the proper spaces in our schools to monitor our buildings. Right now, there are entrances, exits, and playgrounds not properly monitored via security cameras which put our students at risk.