• “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi  

    We want to express our sadness and outrage at another wrongful death of yet another unarmed Black man, George Floyd. Our hearts go out to George Floyd’s family and his three children. At this time of turmoil, we must acknowledge that racism exists in our society and join together to take a stand for positive change. My heart is breaking for our children, staff, and families of color who must know that we will not stand by and watch anyone hurt another person simply because of the color of their skin. 

    We, as adults, must take a stand and work for this change. We must do this work together. Please join us, and KSD’s incoming Superintendent Dr. Ulrich, as we rededicate our commitment to make meaningful change by combating bias and racism within ourselves, our schools, and our community. There is no place for racism in our schools. Our role as educators is to create conversation and listen to the hurt, the confusion, and the pain of our students, families, and staff to promote healing and address the systemic structures within our schools. 

    There is no one correct way to deal with the fear, anger, and pain that is associated with racism and these feelings should not be ignored. We all process our experiences differently. As an organization, we have a role to play in supporting students, families, and staff in processing the trauma of the past two weeks, but more importantly, of the past 400 years. We will learn from you and with you during this time of grieving so we can be better for our students and staff every day.   


    June 5, 2020