• General Information for Educators

    Nothing about this experience is normal so we have to be patient, extend grace, and accept there will be challenges and missteps along the way.  But we can try to normalize things as much as possible for our students, our families, and our colleagues - and it helps that strong relationships have been established already.  Even the best, most experienced teachers across our planet are now being asked to do things differently, often in trying circumstances. Students who thrive on routines and/or social interactions may now be isolated, home alone for hours on end or perhaps sharing spaces with others trying to work and learn from home.  We will be better when we support each other.

    Initial information for our educators can be found below but clicking on "Expand All" or on the arrow next to each question.

  • How might online learning be the same or different than what occurs at school?

  • What are our baseline expectations for KSD Learns Online?

  • How might the day flow for students and teachers?

  • Is real-time instruction or live conferencing with students an option?

  • What other options do we have for teaching and communication?

  • When will teachers be online to support students’ learning?

  • How will we support teachers with online learning via Schoology?

  • What support will be available to students and families?

  • How can we support students, families, and colleagues with stress and anxiety during this time?

  • Are there options available to families who do not have WiFi access?

  • What are the expectations for early childhood educators?